These are all of the homeless moggies available to adopt from Northampton Cats Protection

What better excuse to promote all of the moggies in need of a furever home than a new pen for a Northampton Cats Protection fosterer.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 3:27 pm

Here are all of the feline friends that are being looked after by the Northampton branch of the UK's oldest cat charity. To find out more, visit

Hector is such a silly old Hector (for those of you who remember Hectors House). He loves his food a lot! He likes company and a lap to sit on, all day if allowed. This lovely boy deserves a home full of love.
Hello my name is Pip and I only have three legs. I lost a front one when I was a kitten so I have never really missed it. I am very shy when I first meet you, but I am very gentle and loving once I know you.

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Nala came into care due to her owner's ill health so is now in need of a new home. She doesnt look her best at the moment as she has shaved fur on her throat where the vet operated to cure her over active thyroid condition.
Rosie has returned to care as she has not settled well in a busy household with children. She loves to be stroked and have a chin rub, and will happily settle on your lap for a snooze.
Bailey (black & white) & Theo (ginger) are beautiful cats who came into our care as their owner was unable to look after them. Bailey is a bit shy and is looking for a home with his brother Theo who is much braver.
Handsome Griffin had been a stray for quite a while. He has now been neutered and was a friendly boy at the vets although he has clearly had a few fights in his time. He is now enjoying good food and a warm bed with his fosterer.
Beef cake Buster is all muscle and looks butch so was given a macho name. He is however a friendly chap who loves fuss and having his big cheeks rubbed so will make a lovely pet.
Ziggy has spent his last few years on the streets, but has now come in from the cold before winter. He has some broken teeth from fighting other cats, so they are getting extracted before he goes off to a new home.
Hi Im Lara, I shower my fosterer with kisses and gentle head rubs. Im always pleased to see people. I've nearly finished being a mummy to seven babies so Id love some me time with you. Im very content so when youre busy or at work Ill just chill.
Hi I'm Lucky, I was born in August and I'm looking for my forever home. I adore being cuddled and am super friendly, full of fun and frolics! Do come and see me soon.