Theft victim warns of machine scam after losing £240 in Northampton

The cash machine opposite Franklin's Gardens Picture: Google Images
The cash machine opposite Franklin's Gardens Picture: Google Images

A man had £240 taken from his account after a suspected ‘skimming’ fraud at a cash machine in Northampton.

Paul Blatchford, aged 40, was using the Barclays Bank cash machine in Weedon Road after the Wanderers’ match at Franklin’s Gardens on Monday night when he was scammed.

Intending to withdraw £10, the machine did not return his card, and a message flashed up, saying the machine was out of order.

Believing his card had been ‘swallowed’ by the ATM he went into a nearby shop, but he returned to see a man standing over the machine, withdrawing money.

Suspecting a theft, he quickly checked his account online and saw £240 had just been taken.

He later found out from nearby shopkeepers that the man he saw at the cash machine had unsuccessfully tried to use a bank card - believed to be Mr Blatchford’s - to get £100 cashback and make another purchase at a convenience store.

The suspected thief was, however, successful in withdrawing £240, which was returned to his account by the bank.

Mr Blatchford said: “These machines are very hard to spot, especially in the dark. I just wanted to warn people to be extra vigilant.”

A police spokesman said: “We are looking at CCTV footage and investigating a number of incidents that may be linked.”