The Sexons celebrate 70 years across continents

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A couple have celebrated spending 70 colourful years together in two separate hemispheres.

Len and Beryl Sexon met in Rhodesia, Beryl’s homeland, during the Second World War.

And after a whirlwind courtship, the couple tied the knot during the hostilities.

After the war, they returned to England for two years, then went back to Rhodesia for 33 years, before finally settling in Northampton 34 years ago.

Mr Sexon, aged 94, and Mrs Sexon, aged 89, of Little Billing, celebrated their platinum anniversary yesterday.

They have an impressive 10 children, 25 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

The couple met when Beryl was in the Rhodesian Air Force and Len, an armourer in the RAF, was posted overseas.

Len, who is originally from Wales, said: “The first time I met my wife I was at a dance with the WAAFs. I’d had a few too many and I was doing the jitterbug when everyone else was waltzing.”

Beryl was with a friend, Don, who would eventually be Len’s best man. Len told Don he was going to ask Beryl out.

He said: “Don said she would never go out with me. I said I’d bet him a week’s wages she would. He never did pay the bet!”

Beryl said: “I would not change him for anything. He has been the best.”

The post-war years were eventful ones for Mr and Mrs Sexon.
When they returned to Rhodesia after two years in England, Len enjoyed a varied life. He worked as an engineer for Rhodesia Railways, and also served as mayor of Bulawayo for two years, and was a city councillor for 16 years.

After returning to England, the pair both worked for Tesco in Northampton, first in Gold Street and then Mereway.

Len was 74 before he retired from his role as a security guard.