Teenagers trade in mobile phones for paint brushes and shovels to lick Northampton disability centre into shape

The team of 22 teenagers will get stuck in to renovate the centre.
The team of 22 teenagers will get stuck in to renovate the centre.

A team of 22 teenager have given up part of their summer holidays to fix up a Northampton disabled children's centre.

They will trade in their mobiles for paint and shovels and pitched in to give the John Greenwood Shipman Centre, in Farmbrook Court, Thorplands, a summer makeover.

Over four days, they will jet wash the centre, paint two art murals of classic cartoon characters and even dig an eleven-foot hole for a trampoline.

The centre provides short breaks for up to 10 children with physical disabilities and complex behaviours.

Cerys Cooksammy-Parnell, one of the project managers, said: "We wanted to do something for the community that would have a direct and positive impact upon people even if this meant getting our hands dirty.

"The Centre provides such an important service to the community and we realised that they could really benefit from our help and it is really rewarding to be doing something like this as a team."

The teenagers are volunteering as part of the National Citizen Service, a Government sponsored programme for 15 to 17-year-olds.

They will be working nine-to-five and putting in a collective 600 hours of work over four days.

A spokesman for the John Greenwood Shipman Centre said: “We are all so impressed with the enthusiasm, dedication and hard work of these teenagers.

"They are really committed to helping the centre and their work will bring so much joy to young people and their families.”