Teenager Liam proud of bedroom menagerie

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An animal-mad Moulton College student has revealed the small zoo he houses in his bedroom and sleeps next to every night.

Student Liam Andrews, aged 16, is so keen on exotic pets he houses a staggering 300 animals and creepy-crawlies, including 12 tarantulas, eight snakes and five scorpions, in his bedroom.

Liam, who is studying animal management and welfare, spends two hours a day feeding his pets and said he had been bitten or stung by them at least 200 times.

The teenager, from Desborough, said: “I much prefer animals to humans. If someone is worried about the health and safety of a person holding a snake, I am much more worried about the snake’s welfare. I have around 60 reptiles and other exotics that sleep in my bedroom with me. Luckily none of them has escaped, so far.”

Liam’s obsession with animals began when he saved up enough pocket money to buy a hamster when he was six years old.

Since then he and his parents have spent £8,500 on his staggering array of pets which he buys online from rescue centres and exotic pet shops.

His long-suffering mum, Jayne, aged 45, who admits she is terrified of snakes, added: “Liam is totally obsessed with all his animals.

“I hate spiders and would never hold one, yet he wakes me up to bring me the shed skin of a tarantula at midnight.

“Last week, I found a cricket hopping about in the shower cubicle when I went to take a shower. I’m dreading what I might find next.”

Liam’s amazing menagerie includes 12 tarantulas, five scorpions, 30 giant African land snails and even a tomato frog.
His full list of pets include two king snakes, two corn snakes, two hognose snakes, a milk snake, a royal python, eight green anoles, two leopard geckos, two pictus geckos, stick insects, leaf insects, tropical frogs, a white tree frog, zebra finches, bengales finches, canaries, golden orfes, 100 tropical fish, as well as three pet dogs.