Taxi driver witnessed moment Northampton man was fatally stabbed on the streets of Kingsley

Daniel Fitzjohn was stabbed to death in Randall Road, Kingsley, on June 14, 2018.
Daniel Fitzjohn was stabbed to death in Randall Road, Kingsley, on June 14, 2018.

A jury has been shown dashcam footage of the moment a 34-year-old Northampton man was fatally stabbed.

Footage of the lethal attack was played in Northamptonn Crown Court yesterday (February 7) on the fourth day of the murder trial over the death of Daniel Fitzjohn.

Investigators on the scene of Randall Road the day after Mr Fitzjohn's death.

Investigators on the scene of Randall Road the day after Mr Fitzjohn's death.

The prosecution say it depicts the moment 28-year-old Daniel Quinn, from Wolverhampton, caught up to the 34-year-old after a foot chase through the streets of Kingsley.

In the split second of footage as the taxi drives past, Mr Fitzjohn is seen facing his attacker with his hands up - before the man stabs at his chest, turns and runs.

Footage from a rear dashcam then shows the attacker sprinting to a Mini that arrives up the road, allegedly driven by co-defendant Parminder Sanghera, 25, also from Wolverhampton.

The taxi driver - who had driven Mr Fitzjohn and three of his friends around as passengers just minutes before - told the jury yesterday how he witnessed nearly every step of the events that led up to Mr Fitzjohn's death, including a scuffle involving Quinn, Mr Fitzjohn and his friends at the Fairfield News shop in Kingsley at around 9.40pm.

He dropped his passengers off on Brookfield Road minutes later - only to spot Quinn and another man, Sanghera, arrive in a grey Mini.

He told the jury: "I heard the Mini come at a real rush. I could hear his brakes squealing when he stopped.

"Two men got out. One of them had a machete."

The two men reportedly broke into a run and chased after the driver's four passengers.

But the driver called 999 on his mobile and followed the foot chase in his car to report what was happening.

He told the jury. "Someone had to do something.

"I was worried about the man in the stripey t-shirt [Mr Fitzjohn] because I couldn't see him anymore. I thought 'what if he's been separated from the pack'?"

He drove around the estate and turned onto Randall Road - only for the man in the striped top to appear, running from Carlton Road with Quinn in pursuit.

The taxi driver then followed Quinn up Randall Road, and witnessed the moment Mr Fitzjohn was stabbed.

The driver said he saw Quinn carrying something. "It looked from afar like it was glass or a bottleneck that stabbed him."

Quinn got in the passenger side of the waiting grey Mini, which sped off. But the driver, who had been on the phone to the 999 operator the whole time, chased after them in the taxi to get a good view of the licence plate, before pulling over.

The 999 call was played in court. The operator told him as he drove: "You're brave following them." He replied: "I do this all the time. I'm shaking a little bit though."

Thanks to the taxi driver, nearly every step of the confrontation leading up to Mr Fitzjohn's death was caught on CCTV.

Mr Fitzjohn was taken to hospital with two stab wounds to the abdomen. The driver says he only"'for certain" saw him get stabbed once. The 34-year-old was pronounced dead half-and-hour later.

The trial continues.