Tardises could return to Northamptonshire’s streets

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Doctor Who-style police boxes could return to Northamptonshire’s streets as part of an initiative launched by the county’s new police commissioner.

Adam Simmonds, who won the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election last week, said he would like to bring back ‘Tardises’ to the county as part of an initiative to boost police presence.

The Doctor Who fan said: “I would like to bring a focal point back into villages.

“It’s all about putting the police back onto the streets and I would love to be able to put Tardises back in every community.”

The project, which has been code-named The Blue Box Initiative, would see a series of small police bases created across the county, particularly in areas which currently have a low police presence.

In his manifesto for the PCC election, Mr Simmonds said: “The Blue Box Initiative is about restoring the once ever-present police box in communities that need a greater police presence.

“The initiative will seek to run alongside Neighbourhood Watch, being a police-base, providing information and offering a venue for information exchange.

“The Blue Box Initiative will be an important local beacon.”

The police commissioner has revealed he would like to work with Northampton-born actor and Doctor Who star, 
Matt Smith, to launch the project, but it is not yet known how far the plans have been developed.

He has admitted, however, that not all areas of the county could receive new Tardises under The Blue Box Initiative, with some areas likely to have policing facilities set up in existing shops or public buildings instead.