‘Talking cash machines’ to be introduced in Northampton

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Nationwide Building Society has announced it will be installing “talking cash machines” in Northampton to improve access for visually-impaired people.

The new cash machines will be installed in the Grosvenor Centre, Kingsley Park Terrace and Wellingborough Road in the next few months as part of a pilot of the project which is being done in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

It is expected the majority of Nationwide’s cash machines will been changed by February 2014.

Fazilet Hadi, of the RNIB, said: ““We believe all banks in the UK should provide cash machines with audio facilities for their blind and partially-sighted customers.”

Chris Shott, of Nationwide, said: “As part of our continuing efforts to improve our service, we must ensure that the consumer experience continues to be enhanced for all customers.

“This includes the large number of visually impaired customers who bank with Nationwide.”