Tailbacks of 13 miles on Northamptonshire M1 following spillage of fuel and chicken offal

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Drivers in Northamptonshire are being advised to expect long delays throughout this morning (Tuesday 7 July) following an accident between two lorries that has closed the northbound M1.

The motorway is closed from junction 16 (near Daventry) to junction 18 (at Rugby), after two HGVs collided at around 10.40pm last night.

A police investigation at the incident scene concluded at about 5am, but significant recovery, clean up and repair work are still required and it is expected to take until later this morning to complete.

There is a fully-signed diversion in place between the two junctions, which takes drivers off the M1 at junction 16, then via the A45, A5 and A428 to re-join the motorway at junction 18.

A Highways Agency spokeswoman said on Tuesday morning: “Currently traffic on the M1 is queuing to around junction 15a, and delays are expected to build as the morning peak gets underway.

“Recovery of both vehicles is underway, and there is a significant amount of spilt diesel and shed load of chicken offal from one of the lorries that needs to be removed from the road surface.”

Current estimates are that around 1,200 square metres of road surface – the equivalent of nearly five tennis courts – will need to be resurfaced.

Drivers are advised to check conditions before setting out, and leave plenty of extra time for their journeys if they will be using any part of the diversion route.