Supporters trust bids to raise £100,000 as Northampton Town faces uncertain future

Northampton Town fans at the recent away game against Cambridge. NNL-151018-170533009
Northampton Town fans at the recent away game against Cambridge. NNL-151018-170533009

Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust has launched a bid to raise £100,000 as part of its fight to keep the club from sliding into liquidation.

Last week the off-field saga at Sixfields took a further turn for the worst when details of an HMRC winding-up petition against Northampton Town emerged.

The football club had failed to pay the taxman a five-figure sum and as such a High Court hearing on November 16 could see the League Two side legally wound up.

This morning The Northampton Town Football Club Supporters’ Trust has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise £100,000.

Kevin Simons, an advisor to the trust and the man launching the appeal, said the money could be used to help pay the outstanding tax bill and prevent the winding up order and plug any possible shortfall in the player and staff wages in the future. He said it could even help pay the CoppaFeel breast cancer charity in the event the official club partner does not receive the funds it is owed.

In July, it was announced 10 percent of all sales of the Cobblers pink away kit would go to the charity, but with the financial future of the club so uncertain, Mr Simons said there was some doubt CoppaFeel will be paid. A club spokesman confirmed to the Chron that the club would make the payments due.

Mr Simons said the trust itself was also in vital need to funds during the uncertain period at Sixfields.

If a new owner is brought in, and the trust needs to sign a new shareholder agreement, he said legal costs could quickly escalate.

But it would not be the first time supporters of a football club in trouble clubbed together to help their team.

Oxford united raised more than £50,000 for its 12th Man campaign, which helped the side sign players on loan in difficult times.

Newport County fans raised almost £200,000 in a month in a bid to take over their club.

The Northampton Town supporters’ trust bid aims to raise £100,000 initially, but Mr Simons said, if more is received, the funds could be used to give ongoing support to the Cobblers in a similar vein to the 12th man campaign.

A spokesman from Northampton Town Football Club claimed it will honour its payment to the CoppaFeel charity.

He said: “The first payments to CoppaFeel are due at the end of October. The current situation is fast moving. What we do know is that all payments to CoppaFeel will be made.”

To make a donation to the trust’s campaign head to