Supplementary schools in Northamptonshire praised for keeping language and culture alive

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The Association of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools’ (ANSS) Award Ceremony took place at Northampton High School.

Supplementary Schools are community based schools that endeavour to keep language and culture alive. There are 20 Supplementary Schools in Northamptonshire. In Northampton members include the Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Latvian, Russian, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Greek, and Polish and Ghanaian schools.

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Awards were given out to those students and young people who excelled in maintaining their culture as well as their language with great enthusiasm and creativity as well as to older students who passed their GCSE, AS and A2 Level examination with flying colours.

Alaa Abouzanad, the ANSS Chairman, congratulated the schools and said he was delighted that so many schools had achieved this award and that he was absolutely certain that the other member schools will be achieving this award shortly.

Certificates for Best Attendance were awarded to young people from Northampton by Councillor John Caswell, the Mayor of Northampton, who emphasised their parents’ commitment in ensuring that their children could take part in Supplementary Schools.

The leader of Northampton Borough Council, Councillor David Mackintosh, presented the Most Creative Student awards and pointed out how much people in Northampton liked to celebrate diversity and that the arts played a major role in this.

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Councillor Joan Kirkbride, the chairman of Northamptonshire County Council, highlighted how important it was for young people to have a link to their country of origin.

Arte Brilta, from the ANSS Youth Forum, said: “With the help of the supplementary school teachers and volunteers and the ANSS, we hope to see many more individuals receiving awards for trying their best to maintain their roots and to stay in contact with their country of origin.”