‘Stunning year group’ at Northampton School for Girls congratulated by teachers

GCSE Northampton School for Girls'L-R Emma Price, Domimique Jones, Olivia Soper and Laura Earl. NNL-150820-124722009
GCSE Northampton School for Girls'L-R Emma Price, Domimique Jones, Olivia Soper and Laura Earl. NNL-150820-124722009

A ‘stunning year group’ at Northampton School for Girls (NSG) have been congratulated by teachers for their GCSE results.

Singled out for particular praise were girls who achieved As and A*s across the board including Mary Biyi with 7A* and 5As, Emily Haddon with 2A* and 9As, Olivia Soper with 8A* and 3As and Alisha Thomas with 7A* and 4As.

Another high achiever was Alicia Dominique who not only achieved 10A*s and 2 As, but also a grade A for AS Level German.  

Other fantastic achievers were girls who gained 8 or more A/A*s including Alex Asvestopoulou, Sam Banks, Millie Bilson, Storm Christofi, Laura Earl, Emma Howard, Alesha Jacobs, Hermoine Lloyd-Loasby, Chloe Longley, Ella Machin-Bradbury, Rutendo Maponga, Ruth Murphy, Emma Price, Riya Roie and Somya Sharma.

Many others achieved a string of A*s, As and Bs.  

Headteacher Julia Harley said, “We are extremely proud of the achievements of our girls.  

“To see so many of them gain the highest grades is very satisfying.

“Our girls worked unbelievably hard and truly deserve these fantastic outcomes.They have very bright futures ahead of them and we are looking forward to watching them achieve even more in Year 12.”

The school were particularly proud of results in the performing arts subjects; including Dance where 94 per cent of girls gained A* - C. Similar success was evident in Drama with 84 per cent and Music with 82 per cent.  

These stand out performances at GCSE are a result of the school’s decision to retain the music specialism, despite the performing arts subjects being marginalised in the government’s performance measures.  

Assistant Headteacher, Paul Parker said: “In a year where record numbers of students gained grade 8 and grade 8 distinction in instrumental and

vocal exams, it’s also fantastic to see the performing arts subjects do so well at GCSE.  

“The school’s commitment to developing the whole child through music, dance and drama, as well as other arts subjects, is what transforms our girls into lifelong learners.”

Other subjects achieving over 70% A* - C include English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Textiles, Graphics, Ethics and Philosophy, French and German.  

Special mention is given to Sport BTEC with 93 per cent, Food Technology with 92 per cent and ICT with 100 per cent.  

Carly Waterman, Deputy Headteacher, said: ‘We are so lucky to have such dedicated and talented staff who work tirelessly with our students to help them realise their potential.  

“Our students are always very appreciative of the outstanding teaching and support they receive.  It’s what makes NSG so special.”

The school were keen to praise the efforts of students who have had to overcome significant obstacles in their lives.  Particular praise was offered to Olivia Rapley and Kim Barnes who were pleased to achieve C grades or higher in 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths.

Carly Waterman, deputy headteacher said “We are, as always, proud of our girls and their achievements.  Our students work extremely hard and are supported at all stages by teachers and families.  

“These students were part of a stunning year group who never failed to impress us with their care for one another and their sense of positivity.’