Students warned over TV licences after 89 people under age of 25 are caught by inspectors in Northampton

Picture: VisualMedia
Picture: VisualMedia

Eighty-nine young people aged between 18 and 25 were caught watching live television without a TV licence in Northampton.

Figures released by TV Licensing show that 29 percent of people think TV Licensing cannot catch people watching live TV on a computer, laptop or mobile device and just over half of students believe that people in general are unlikely to be caught.

Over the summer, a 22-year-old man from Northampton was found guilty of watching live TV without a licence, and ordered to pay a £400 fine, £120 court costs and £40 victim surcharge.

Mark Whitehouse, spokesperson for TV Licensing in the East Midlands, said: “Every year myths circulate around campus about when you do and don’t need a licence. We want to make sure students know one is needed by law to watch or record live TV, on any device including a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or games console. A TV Licence costs on average £12.13 a month which goes towards services like Radio 1’s Big Weekend, BBC iPlayer, Newsbeat and BBC One Match of the Day.

“To avoid the risk of prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000, we encourage students to check if they need a licence on our website – – or by calling 0300 790 6113.”

When asked, two in three students had a positive opinion of the BBC and 67 per cent thought the TV Licence offered value for money, according to the survey.