Story of trans man to be told by Northampton documentary maker

The story of a trans man who is travelling to the US for surgery is to be told by a Northampton documentary maker.

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 6:25 am
Documentary maker Adam Fitch

Adam Fitch is producing and directing the film about a transitioning trans man and has set up a crowdfunding page to help pay towards the project.

Adam said: “We are covering multiple strains in the film which will cover NHS funding cuts, the poor level of trans healthcare in the UK, travel, LGBT issues and an emotional, personal quest.

“The reason I got into filmmaking was to create documentaries. Documentaries aren’t about glitz or glamour, they’re about capturing real life and real people - and that is what the transatlantic Departures is building to be.

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“Dylan, who happens to be a trans man, is one of the coolest and bravest people I know and is doing what he needs to do to be happy. I have been lucky enough to have been asked to document the inspirational journey for both Dylan and his partner Billy.

“I have the massive blessing to have access to these people at an invasive and emotional time in their lives, with no restrictions. The tensions, the travelling, the laughs, tears and even the reveal are all set to be captured.

“With this amazing access to these great people, I will be telling the story of what it’s like to be a trans man, what the UK healthcare system is like, and just how far some people are willing to go to allow themselves to be the person they know they are.

“I am not aiming to make a profit from this piece, for me it’s a privilege to be able to document Dylan’s story. However, the project is taking up a lot of time, and is incurring a lot of costs already... and this is early days. All I need to do is to be able to make it so I’m not losing money, so I can pay bills, rent any extra filming gear we need and help with the costs of travelling to Florida to film the days surrounding the operation.”

At the end of the project, any money that isn’t accounted for will be passed on to relevant charities to help others in similar situations to Dylan’s.

Adam said: “I am certain we can improve or even save lives by showing just what can be done when you need something badly enough.”

Anyone who would like to support the project can visit the crowdfunding page at