Standpipe in Northampton that has been running since June ‘will be turned off soon’

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Anglian Water has pledged to find an alternative solution after unsuccessfully trying to flush a Northampton water main since June.

The water company installed a standpipe on a verge in Harlestone Road, near the junction with Cotswold Avenue, after three homeowners complained of brownish discoloured water.

Workers turned on the standpipe in June and cordoned it off, and it has been running ever since.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “It’s normal to flush the system while we do tests.

“However that hasn’t worked this time so we will set about providing the three homes with water from another source within days.”

Anglian Water insist that no water has been lost from the system because water from the standpipe flows directly into a main pipe opened directly below.

But residents of Cotswold Avenue remain confused as to why the flushing continued for so long.

One said: “You’d have thought after a few weeks they would have realised it wasn’t working.

“It doesn’t bother us, its just a bit odd having a permanent fountain in our road for no real reason.”

A spokesman for the water company said the problem was caused by a build up of iron deposits in an old metal pipe.

As a result, three homes had discoloured water that, although drinkable, caused stains in sinks and baths.

Alternative supplies should be in place in the next few days with the standpipe removed.