Stagecoach investigating alleged incident of racial abuse on bus in Northampton

Stagecoach Midlands bus
Stagecoach Midlands bus

Bus company Stagecoach is investigating an allegation that a passenger was racially abused on a bus in Northampton.

The young woman, who has posted the details of the incident on Twitter, said she had just got on the Stagecoach bus in Northampton when she was allegedly “yelled at” by the bus driver for having a KFC bag with her.

The woman claimed people on the bus were shouting racial abuse at her.

She has claimed that the bus driver did not let her on the bus even after she threw the KFC in the bin.

The woman has alleged the bus driver manhandled her off the bus and alleged he made a racial comment.

Stagecoach Midlands will be looking at CCTV footage to investigate the claim. A spokesman stated on Twitter: “We have zero tolerance of racial abuse or discrimination. We’ll investigate to establish the facts and take any action required.”

Northamptonshire Police has also been contacted about the incident.