Stagecoach cancels bus route in Northampton due to ‘low passenger demand’

Stagecoach Midlands bus
Stagecoach Midlands bus

A Northampton bus route has been cancelled due to low passenger demand, leaving two areas in the town without a bus service.

The Stagecoach Route 4 made its last journey from the town centre through Kettering Road, Kingsley Road, Kingsthorpe Grove, Boughton Green Road, Eastern Avenue and Kingsland Avenue on Sunday.

Chris Childs, marketing manager for Stagecoach Midlands, said: “We have extended Route 16/17 to cover Kingsland Avenue and Eastern Avenue from the town centre.

“Only a small section doesn’t have a route anymore: Kingsthorpe Grove and half of Kingsland Avenue. Most of the route will continue to have a service of some kind.

“This is due to low passenger demand.”

For further information about updated bus routes and timetables, visit the Stagecoach website at: