Staff speak of relief that takeover deal at Northampton Town is imminent

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Staff at Sixfields Stadium have spoken of their relief that a deal is in sight for the takeover of Northampton Town.

Earlier this afternoon, chairman David Cardoza announced he had agreed to sell the club to ex-Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas, with the last legal agreements to be signed.

Staff at the club have been working without pay for the last six weeks, to the universal praise from fans and the general public.

Speaking to the Chron this afternoon, stadium, manager Steve Inwood said the last few weeks had been very trying for staff.

“I just feel relieved. There is a light at the end of the tunnel now. We can get on with our jobs and not worry about whether we are going to get paid.

“We had our down days, today started as a down day, but we carried on,” he said.

Manageress of the club shop, Wendy Lambell, said fans had been “fantastic” in their support for the staff over the past few difficult weeks.

She said: “We have just been doing everything we can to make sure the club kept running. It’s a club we love, we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t.”

Supporter Carl De Boer was celebrating outside Sixfields this evening with son, Sam. He had been due to attend a protest at Church Brampton this evening in which fans planned to hand a letter to Cobblers’ outgoing chairman David Cardoza pleading with him to sell the club.

The lifelong Cobblers fan said: “I wouldn’t miss this. I just felt this massive sense of relief. It is a massive weight off our shoulders.

“It feels like we’ve won the lottery. I just hope we can move forward now as a club.”

Son Sam, 17, and a youth player for Rushden and Diamonds, said the news Kelvin Thomas had agreed terms means so much for Cobblers supporters.

He said: “We are not a Man United or a Chelsea, we are the real football fans. This club is so much closer to our hearts - much more than a big club is.

“I didn’t think the deal was going to happen, but when I heard it was, I was so happy.”