Staff at Northampton Town receive first pay packet for more than nine weeks

Northampton Town Chairman Kelvin Thomas at Sixfields.
Northampton Town Chairman Kelvin Thomas at Sixfields.

About 200 staff have finally been paid at Northampton Town Football Club after more than nine weeks since they last received any wages from their employer.

Sixfields workers have undergone a roller-coaster two months since accounts were frozen at the Cobblers in September due to an unpaid tax bill. That bill eventually rose to £237,000.

New chairman Kelvin Thomas, having already cleared the outstanding taxes at the end of last week, has now paid the staff a day earlier than originally planned, a club spokesman has confirmed.

“We can only once again pay tribute to the staff and players for their commitment and professionalism through the recent difficult times especially not getting paid,” said Mr Thomas.

“It was a priority for us to pay the wages as soon as technically possible and to remove any such issues for our employees especially in the build up to Christmas.

“All staff have now been paid up to date and even a day earlier than expected, so we can now all focus the energy they spent just keeping the club afloat into taking the club forward.”