St James Mosque in Northampton elects new management committee

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New management committee for St James Mosque in Northampton has been appointed after an election.

The Al Minar Panel was duly elected headed by Abdul Gofur Choudhury as the new chairman assisted by Mr Abdul Manik. Mr Abdul Shahid was elected the new secretary assisted by Mr Fattah Choudhury and Mr Ala Uddin the new treasurer assisted by Mr Foyzur Rahman.

Mr Jabeer Miah JP; (a local Solicitor and current Acting Chair of the Northampton Bangladeshi Association) was together with Mr Haji G A Chowdhury (former chair of the Al Jamat Grand Mosque and NBA), Councillor Aziz Rahman and Mr Afiz Ali (current chair of Al Jamat Grand Mosque and Trustee of NBA) were selected as the joint election commissioners by the St James Muslim Community and carried out the election process and oversaw the entire election.

They were assisted by Councillor David Mackintosh (Conservative candidate for Northampton South MP) and Kevin McKeveer (Labour Party candidate for Northampton South MP) and Councillor Nehar. In addition PC Nick Stephens and PC Rachel Packman assisted with the count and oversaw the elections and Mr McKeever acted as the counting agent, while Councillor Mackintosh declared the results.

All parties accepted it was a free and fair election and it is the first proper democratic election the Mosque has held and it is likely the elections will now continue every three years in a democratic manner as per the constitution and the election was symbolic in bringing this change.