Spills can kill: Cat-lover warns Northampton to wash away toxic antifreeze splashes this winter

Sam thinks her two cats, Simba and Lotty, both died of antifreeze poisoning.
Sam thinks her two cats, Simba and Lotty, both died of antifreeze poisoning.

A Northampton cat-lover is warning pet owners to watch for signs of antifreeze poisoning this winter.

Sam Ashby-Clarke, from Duston, has lost two cats in the past two years to kidney failure and believes they lapped up spilt antifreeze in her neighbourhood.

Lotty and Simba.

Lotty and Simba.

Even a teaspoon of antifreeze is enough to lethally poison a cat or dog, according to the RSPCA.

Sam is now urging anyone defrosting their car before their morning commute this winter to wash away any spillages.

She said: "Two years ago, my partner and I came home to find our cat Simba at the back door. He was unable to walk and very unresponsive. He'd been absolutely fine earlier that day. We took him to the vets who told us he had gone into kidney failure. We had to have him put to sleep the same day.

"Now, this week [November 5], we found our other cat, Lotty, in the same state. We took her to the vets immediately. This time they suggested she had swallowed antifreeze. They did everything they could but we had to say another sad goodbye to one of our beloved pets."

Sam now believes antifreeze poisoning might have killed Simba two years earlier and wants other Northampton pet owners to watch for the signs.

She said: "It gives off a sweet scent and as little as a teaspoon can be life-threatening.

"As we head into the winter many people are topping up their screen wash and may not realise the dangers even a small spillage could cause.

"Please, just be careful and wash away any spills. I'd done it myself in the past without thinking about it but I don't want this to happen to any other pet owners."

If you suspect your pet has been poisoned by antifreeze, the RSPCA advises taking them to a vet immediately.