SPECIAL REPORT: Witnesses say University of Northampton student was ‘peacemaker’ during 30-man nightclub brawl in Malia

Myles Litchmore-Dunbar
Myles Litchmore-Dunbar

The father of the man accused of killing Tyrell Matthews-Burton says his son was regularly getting in trouble at school but for breaking up fights rather than starting them.

University of Northampton economics student, Myles Litchmore Dunbar, has dreamed of a job in the financial world since the age of nine.

But currently remanded in a jail outside of Athens, he is facing a life sentence for the murder of a fellow East Londoner during a 30-man nightclub brawl.

He claims he entered the affray to break up a fight between his friend – the only person he knew in the group he was on holiday with – and Mr Matthews-Burton.

His father, Chris Dunbar, said this would have been typical of his son.

“The feedback that we got from that night from other witnesses was that he was the peacemaker in the incident,” he said.

“He used to get in trouble at school for sticking up for the other kids. He just believes in fairness.

“Him going in to help a friend is nothing unusual, it’s just in his nature.”

Mr Dunbar said his son, who also worked as a model, is still keeping up his studies in prison in the hope he will be released.

He does not believe Myles would be capable of murder and said he had never been involved in ‘gang’ culture.

Greek police initially reported that the fight was a grudge from the streets of London settled in the holiday resort.

Mr Dunbar said:“Myles’s character alone suggests he is the last person you would expect to be linked to something like his. Those that have supported him throughout the campaign say that’s just not like Myles.”

Mr Dunbar said he is now just hanging on to the hope that his son, who has shown a flair for economics from a young age, will have a shot at a career.

“Even as a young kid he would say to me, ‘dad, the only way to make money is to lend money’. This was when he was nine or 10.

“He bought a money tin to lend cash to his cousins. He knew his future would be in the financial world.”

The family have retained the services of QC Courtenay Griffiths, counsel for both the Damilola Taylor murder trial and the Charles Taylor trial, as an advisor to Mr Litchmore Dunbar’s defence team.