Special Constable feels ‘let down’ by Northamptonshire Police after Special Branch job offer was revoked

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A special constable for Northamptonshire Police says she feels “devastated” after she was told she was not eligible for a job in the force’s Special Branch due to the fact she is not a British Citizen.

Ms Adam, a Romanian who has volunteered for the county force since 2013, was made redundant from her job in the economic crime unit early this year.

After applying for a role in the force’s Special Branch, Ms Adam was told that she had been successful, subject to vetting.

Six weeks later Ms Adam was told that the vetting had been done and she was given a contract for the job.

She was then invited in to the headquarters to sign a contract and complete the paperwork to start the job.

But, when she stated on one of the forms that she was Romanian and did not have a British passport, she was told that she was not eligible for the job.

Ms Adam said: “I was devastated. I don’t understand why it wasn’t in the essential criteria for the job that you had to be a British Citizen.

“I feel like I have been messed about. I felt so happy when I was told I had the job but not I feel very let down and frustrated.”

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said the force had apologised to Ms Adam and had now changed the wording of future job adverts to state the position was only suitable for someone who is a British Citizen.

The spokesperson said: “All job offers are made subject to vetting, with an enhanced level of vetting required for roles within Special Branch.

“This level of vetting is set by the Home Office and is not something we have any discretion with on a local level.

“We have apologised to the candidate in this instance as mistakes were made in allowing her to apply for a position she could never have held.

“Steps have been taken to ensure that future adverts for positions where this enhanced level of vetting is required will state that the position is only suitable for British Citizens.”