Special care baby unit gets £1,000 from grateful Northampton mums

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A group of Northampton mums who endured the heartache and celebration of having premature babies have raised more than £1,000 for NGH nurses.

The group, who consider NGH nurses on the Gosset Ward to be their ‘second family’, held a fundraising tea and cake afternoon to raise the amount.

It was the setting for many emotional stories of pain and joy.

Sam Greenwood, who had her 4lb son at 32 weeks, endured a relatively short but heart-wrenching wait to bring him home after three weeks of top-level care.

She said: “We will never forget the first time we saw him, the smells, the sounds - seeing him in a micro nappy which came up to his armpits.

“People would congratulate you on a beautiful baby boy - we didn’t feel like celebrating to much.

“For a while all we could do was sit and watch him through a plastic box - he was so close to us yet this incubator made us feel like we were a thousand miles apart.

“For new parents it was such torture. It was the following day we got to hold our son properly for the first time, for some parents this is an even longer wait.”

Sam said watching the nurses carefully handle her son and their emotions made her realise she could not have asked for more from them.

She said: “They were all so sympathetic, understanding, caring, loving, they would talk us through every single thing that they would do for our little boy, they became a part of our family.”

It has been six months since the stay on Gosset ward and the family are all healthy.

Sam said: “Every milestone he is reaching just makes us even more grateful for the doctors and nurses who worked all day every day, morning and night with our son. “We have made some amazing new friends along the way, who we know will be a part of our lives now forever.”