Special care baby unit at Northampton General Hospital to be temporarily moved for improvement works

Gosset Ward
Gosset Ward

The special care baby unit at Northampton General Hospital will be moved to a nearby ward for the remainder of the summer.

Workmen will overhaul Gosset Ward’s ventilation system over the next three months, meaning seriously ill or premature newborns will be cared for in the temporary, but high-quality, surroundings of the paediatric assessment unit.

The PAU has in turn moved to Paddington Ward.

It means that the number of babies Gosset can take at one time has been halved from 20 to 10, however surrounding hospitals have been informed of the reduction in capacity in a similar way to when it becomes full unexpectedly.

A hospital spokeswoman said: “All the paediatric and neonatal services will continue, but parents and carers are asked to keep visitors to a minimum while attending the PAU and Paddington ward as there is limited space.”

The improvement works have been scheduled for July onwards as fewer pre-term babies are born during the summer months, something doctors currently cannot explain.

All paediatric wards will have some work carried out, however Gosset is the main focus.

In addition, the work includes installation of new energy-efficient lighting, an improved nurse call bell system and a new fire alarm system.

A dividing wall will also be removed to improve the environment for families and staff.