Special ambulance for frail Northamptonshire falls victims to be withdrawn by NHS

NHS Nene headquarters
NHS Nene headquarters

A non-emergency ambulance service for frail people who have fallen is to be axed in Northamptonshire.

NHS Nene, which pays for the skilled ‘falls ambulance’ team said it is looking at decommissioning the service.

Staff would attend the patient, use special lifting equipment and sassess them on the spot.

Instead, there will now be a community-based falls service where the NHS sends someone merely to sit with the person who has fallen as an alternative to going to hospital.

NHS Nene said it is part of its overall aim to support people in their homes for as long as possible, rather than send then to hospital without due cause.

It comes a week after the Chron reported that Graham Cockings, of Great Doddington, fell out of his wheelchair and lay waiting on his kitchen floor for seven hours until an paramedics could come to lift him up.

At the time, both East midlands Ambulance Service and his professional carers said it wasn’t their job to pick him up.