Some aquadrome residents ‘have had enough of being flooded’

Evacuees from Billing Aquadrome have said they will be moving away from the caravan park following the second round of flooding in six months.

About 50 people spent the night at Lings Forum Leisure Centre in Northampton on Thursday night, being looked after by the Salvation Army and Northamptonshire County Council.

Many fear they will not be allowed back to their homes until Monday and, following a similar evacuation in May, some are not willing to put up with the disruption again.

Linda Barrett said the volunteers had been wonderful but they were not enough to make up for the days spent living in a leisure centre.

She said: “We’ve had enough.

“We’ve been at the aquadrome since 2005 and this is the third time we’ve ended up spending the night at Lings.

“This will be the last time for us.”

Others were more stoic but conceded the floods had not made life easy.

Rita Brazier said: “I’ll be okay but it’s my sister and her husband I feel sorry for.

“They are over staying with me from Spain and they’ve had to sleep in Lings Leisure Centre instead. I wouldn’t mind but the last time they were here was May and the same happened then.

“You’ve got to smile, I suppose.”