Sixty-three percent of families in Northampton are either very happy or happy, according to pub survey

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Enjoying time with the family is the number one secret to happiness, according to a survey carried out by pubs in Northampton

More than 1,500 adults with children were surveyed across the country and 37 percent of Lakeside at The Lakes customers said watching television programmes as a family made them happy - while 44 percent said not having any secrets was a vital ingredient.

Not arguing in front of the children also came high on the list with 34 percent agreeing that it was essential for a stress free family life.

The research also revealed the average Northampton family ranks their current happiness at an upbeat eight out of ten, with 31 percent declaring they are ‘very happy’ and 32 percent ‘happy’.

And when it came to how many children make for an ideal family the average was 2.3 for Northampton residents, according to the survey.

Robert Mitchell, general manager of the Lakeside at The Lakes, said: “In a nation seemingly obsessed with materialism, we were interested to find out just what makes a happy household and were not surprised to find that it’s the little things that make a big difference. Parents sharing chores (36 per cent) and eating a Sunday Roast together (44 per cent) came out high in people’s priorities.

“With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard for families to find time to appreciate one another, so it was heartening to see that 81 per cent of people agree that sharing mealtimes makes for better communication and happiness. We were also cheered that 20 per cent of Northampton people disregarded money in the quest for happiness, stating that love is the key.”

But many families struggle to find quality time to spend together with the average Northampton family enjoying just 6 hours of quality time together per week.

The data also revealed that having a garden plays a major part in the happiness of a family with a huge 64 percent saying it was vital, as did having a balanced work/home life (53percent).

The study also discovered that having interests which mum, dad and the children share are key factors with (29 percent) saying it was important.

Northampton helped to uphold Britain’s reputation as a nation of animal lovers, 29 percent said having a dog brought joy to their brood, while 20 percent said they couldn’t live without a cat in their home.

The study also revealed that 25 percent of Northampton folk would like to live in the countryside, and another 20 percent said a seaside location was where they would feel happiest.

When asked what could possibly make them happier as a family, percent said more time with their partner would do the trick.

Better health was picked by percent, while percent said fewer arguments and percent said fewer worries.


1. Enjoying time together as a family

2. Having a garden

3. Balanced home work life

4. Watching television together

5. Having no secrets

6. Parents sharing chores

7. Eating Sunday lunch together every weekend

8. Having shared interests or hobbies

9. Spending at least two evenings a week together

10. Not arguing in front of the kids

11. Having a good school nearby for the children

12. Having a dog

13. Eating breakfast together on weekends

14. Having family movie nights

15. Enjoying regular mini-breaks

16. Having a cat

17. Eating out at a restaurant once a month

18. Having a weekly family take-away

19. Two one-week holidays per year

20. Two family days out together per month

21. Having a spare room

22. One parent working part-time

23. A pub within walking distance

24. Eating breakfast together on week-days

25. Limiting the kids’ screen time

26. 20 days holiday from work per year

27. Having a garage

28. Owning more than one car

29. Having a weekly date night

30. Having a cleaner