Sister feared her brother would kill without mental health support


The sister of Paul Barber said she feared her brother was going to kill someone unless he was given professional medical and mental health support.

Giving evidence at the inquest on Tuesday, Paula Lloyd-Chamberlain said she believed her brother’s behaviour had changed after he started overdosing on the medication he took to treat the Parkinson’s Disease he suffered from.

Mrs Lloyd-Chamberlain told the jury she knew in December 2006 that her brother’s marriage to Ms Robinson had deteriorated due to his behaviour.

She said her brother spent time in John Radcliffe Hospital in April 2007 and was diagnosed with diamorphine dysregulation syndrome.

Mrs Lloyd-Chamberlain said his condition appeared to improve when he was in hospital as his medication was properly regulated, but he then deteriorated as soon as he was released.

She said her brother became “obsessed” with Ms Robinson and went to her workplace on May 9 and made threats to kill her.

Mrs Lloyd-Chamberlain said she attempted to stop him from following Ms Robinson by getting hold of his car keys and hiding his car.

However, Barber would get round this by hiring a car.

In a bid to stop her brother overdosing on his Parkinson’s medication, Mrs Barber spoke to his doctor and made sure he was only prescribed pills in small amounts.

However, Barber got hold of more medication by buying it off the internet.

Mrs Lloyd-Chamberlain said she took a call from her brother in May 2007 when he told her that he had handed himself into Campbell Square police station and told officers that he needed help as he feared he was “going to hurt someone”.

Mrs Lloyd-Chamberlain said that when she heard about the fire on New Year’s Day, she had thought “oh my God” as she had “grave fears” that something like this was going to happen if nothing was done to stop it.