Silverstone Business Park reveals plans to create 8,000 new jobs and house 200 new firms in next 10 years

An artist's impression of Silverstone Business Park NNL-140307-082656001
An artist's impression of Silverstone Business Park NNL-140307-082656001

More than 8,000 new jobs and 200 new firms will be created in the next 10 years in Northamptonshire, according to the developers behind Silverstone Park business park.

Plans for the site were revealed at a presentation to senior figures from high performance engineering, automotive and motorsport industries ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

The plans were unveiled by business estate develoer MEPC.

The firm acquired a 999-year interest in Silverstone Park from the British Racing Drivers’ Club in September 2013 and has planning consent for 2.4m sq ft of planning consent for the site.

A spokesman for the firm said: “The overall land mass of Silverstone as a venue will effectively double in size when the project is completed.

“It is anticipated during the next decade that the number of companies on site will increase to more than 200 with over 8000 jobs being created.”

The spokesman highlighted a number of targets that had been achieved in the first 10 months:

- Creation of accommodation to let with the successful purchase of Jordan Technology Park

- Refurbishment of serviced offices at Silverstone Park Innovation Centre

- £13m committed to upgrade utilities (gas, water, electricity) as part of on-going infrastructure works in preparation for construction activity

- Major landscaping works to enhance the quality of the park environment in order to motivate staff and impress clients – including new arrival experience and very visible on and off-site signage

- Strategic marketing exercise to reach out to thousands of HPT&M companies and create the new Silverstone Park brand and create full suite of marketing materials including video and brand brochure

- Development of business-to-business networking and setting up of a social committee organising regular events

- Launch of unique business competition for new companies – judges include leading figures from F1, banking, local authority, motor sport industry & education.

Silverstone Park Commercial Director Roz Bird said: “Working with our partners in the UK’s high-performance technology and motor sport cluster, located in and around Silverstone Park, MEPC will create a global destination for engineering, innovation and business development.

“Our new Silverstone Park brand, launched at the Business Expo, is about Silverstone Park being part of the high-performance technology and motor sport cluster by providing an inspirational vision of the future, creating a high quality environment to impress clients and motivate staff and promoting this exceptional opportunity on the world stage to meet and exceed our community’s expectations.”