Shops and restaurants should temporarily stop trading for the two-minute silence in Northampton on Armistice Day, says town centre rector

Reverend Oliver Coss is calling for Northampton's businesses to come to a stop on Armistice Day.
Reverend Oliver Coss is calling for Northampton's businesses to come to a stop on Armistice Day.

The rector of All Saints Church is calling on Northampton's businesses to stop operating for the two minutes of silence on Armistice Day.

Reverend Oliver Coss, rector of All Saints Church, led a service at the war memorial in George Row on Saturday, November 11, to mark the anniversary of the day the First World War ended.

But as he held the traditional two-minutes silence at 11am, the rest of Northampton town centre carried on moving as usual as the public "shopped, laughed and chatted" all around.

Now, Reverend Coss is calling for Northampton to come to a stop on future Armistice Days and come together to remember the lives of people taken by war.

Reverend Coss said: "After the service, I had lots of people come who work on Abington Street say to me they wish they could have attended, but they had to keep working.

"Not so long ago, businesses closed for 15 minutes to keep the two-minutes silence at 11am. It's just not done anymore. People forget and fly around like headless chickens.

"Not enough is done to remind people of the service on Armistice Day, which is always November 11, but many will keep the one on Remembrance Sunday."

On Remembrance Sunday (November 12), hundreds of Northampton folk lined the streets of the town centre to pay their respects at the All Saints Church.

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Deputy mayor Tony Ansell said: "I would say there could be more done to observe the silence on Armistice Day and I will raise it with the council to see if something can't be arranged with Northampton's businesses next year."

Next year, Armistice Day will fall on Sunday, 11 November. It will also mark 100 years exactly since the end of the First World War.