Shoppers asked for memories of Weston Favell Shopping Centre for 40th anniversary

Kevin Legg, centre manager, in Weston Favell Centre.
Kevin Legg, centre manager, in Weston Favell Centre.

Shoppers are being asked for their memories of a centre which is set to celebrate its 40th anniversary in Northampton.

Weston Favell Shopping Centre will mark its 40th birthday in October 2014, and is planning a host of celebratory events, which will take place throughout the year.

One of these will be a display of old photographs and memories of the centre, which people are being encouraged to contribute.

Centre manager Kevin Legg, who has been in his role for eight years and has worked at the centre on and off for 15 years, said: “We’d like anything to do with any events, promotions, any of the old shops that were here, or anyone who remembers growing up with the building.

“One of the things we found out is that the late David Jacobs, from Radio 2, was one of the people who opened the place.

“It is a district centre and a community centre. You have the library and Lings on one side, and the retail on the other. That is what it set out to be and that is what it still is.”

The centre has already tracked down its longest-serving employee, Chris Nightingale, who has worked at the centre for all 40 years.

Mr Nightingale started working at Hayling’s bookmakers in October 1974, which was later sold to Ladbrokes in 1985.

Hayling’s was a local bookmaker which used to name horses, and there was a jump horse called Weston Favell, named after the centre.

The original store was opened by celebrated British boxing legend, the late Henry Cooper.

Weston Favell Shopping Centre manager, Kevin Legg, said the facility is thriving, despite the economic conditions. Only five of the 50-plus units are empty, and successful stores include Tesco Extra, Boots and Wilkinsons.

Mr Legg said: “Given the current climate, we have only got five vacancies, which is great. It is thriving and here to stay.” Anyone interested in contributing to the anniversary exhibition can call the centre on Northampton 411521, or email info@