Sex pest jailed for groping bus passengers

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A SEX pest who was banned from taking a bus during the school run has been jailed after breaching the terms of his order.

Roger Pell, aged 53, of High Street, Kingsthorpe, was banned from the buses last January after he was found to have groped passengers and exposed himself to both women and children.

Pell followed a seven-year-old girl around the Newlands shopping centre in Kettering before exposing himself to her on August 13, 2010. He also groped a 16-year-old’s buttocks after talking to her the same day. He was not identified until he exposed himself again in Northampton months later. A 17-year-old girl was travelling from Greyfriars bus station on the X7 when he got on at Kingsthorpe. As she was talking to a friend, he slid his hand through the seats and squeezed her waist.

Pell appeared before Northampton Crown Court on Monday after he was found to have used a bus during a school run twice in November. He admitted the two breaches and was also re-sentenced for the five original offences as well as the two breaches of the order.

He was jailed for 28 months, made the subject of a seven-year order and placed on the Sex Offences Register for 10 years.