Seven faiths of Northampton celebrated in museum exhibition

A display celebrating the ‘wonderful work’ of the seven major religions of Northampton is set to remain on show at the town’s museum until May.

The exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery on the theme of unity has been compiled by Northampton Inter Faith Forum and features a number of devotional artefacts from the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Baha’i and Sikh faiths.

Among the items featured are a ‘baptismal font’ from the Holy Church of Sepulchre and a medieval Jewish tombstone.

Chairman of NIFF Nisha Mejer, said: “We are proud to say that all seven faith leaders enjoy a good relationship between each other and this exhibition will help portray the wonderful work each of the faiths do in Northampton.”

To find out more about NIFF, head to Facebook and search for Northampton Inter Faith Forum or email

The exhibition will remain at the People’s Gallery until May 23.