Serious accident risk at Northampton junction, residents say

The Newport Road junction
The Newport Road junction

Residents in Northampton have set up a petition for changes to an unsafe road junction.

The junction of Newport Road and Gladstone Road, in Spencer, has seen a number of accidents and many near misses since the 2011 multi-million pound improvements made to the area and residents are demanding action.

Resident Jamie Simms, who is organising the petition, said he was very pleased with Northamptonshire County Council’s road repairs and the removal of the noisy Gladstone Road rumble strips.

But a further solution was needed to cure the blind junction and prohibit potentially dangerous parking habits, he said.

Mr Simms said: “The Newport Road junction is very dangerous with the number of cars that park up to the bollards, which makes turning left or right safely onto Gladstone Road nigh on impossible.

“I know of a least three serious accidents that have taken place due to cars having to pull out blindly because there are cars parked up to the junction.

“I am not the only resident in Newport Road who has expressed concern at how dangerous it has now become.

“My wife won’t use this junction when she has our children in the car, she uses Countess Road.

“Something needs to be done before there is a fatality.”

Councillor Gareth Eales (Lab, Dallington Spencer) said: “I have consistently said that this particular junction is dangerous. I fully concur with the residents’ analysis and, living in the adjacent street, I use this junction often, always with great anxiety as it’s such a horrible blind spot.

“I hope this petition and social media campaign will see the matter reviewed and action taken before we have a tragedy.”

The group’s Facebook Group: ‘Make Newport Road Junction Safer’ is at: