Security door broken since last September let bike thieves into Northampton car park

Bloomsbury House
Bloomsbury House

Three bicycles were stolen from an underground car park in Northampton after thieves got in through a security door that had been reported broken seven months ago.

Lauren Tilbury, who lives in Bloomsbury House, Guildhall Road, flagged up the broken closer on the door in September 2014.

But despite assurances from landlords Metropolitan, contractors were unable to solve the problem permanently.

Mrs Tilbury is now furious that in a two-week period three bikes valued at a total of £1,000 were stolen, apparently after thieves simply walked out the broken door with them.

She said: “Every time I told them they sounded surprised that nobody had been out but they never did anything about it.

“My partner had borrowed his auntie’s bike and that was stolen then bought another one and that was taken too.”

Although the door would close it wouldn’t do so automatically as it was supposed to and instead relied on tenants remembering to push it to, which often did not happen.

The broken door posed a double security risk as it gave strangers access to the flatblock’s corridors.

Metropolitan said it will carry out repairs as soon as possible.

A spokesman said: “Repairs have been carried out on three separate occasions since September, but unfortunately a permanent fix has not proved possible, so we have ordered a new door from a specialist supplier.

“The building is secure at present and the situation will be monitored until the new door is fitted.

“The incidents have been reported to the police and we will provide them with any assistance we can.”