Seasonal gift from a famous resident

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A WORLD-FAMOUS Northampton writer is giving something back to the community he grew up in this Christmas.

Alan Moore, who is well known for his work in graphic novels, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, is donating 300 Christmas hampers to residents in sheltered housing in Spring Boroughs, which is the area he grew up in, and to the homeless drop-in centre at the Salvation Army.

The 57-year-old, who still lives in Northampton and writes for and produces Dodgem Logic magazine which is based in the town, will donate the hampers, which are worth £3,000, in December.

The hampers are being made up in re-usable cloth bags by the Co-op supermarket in Barry Road in Northampton, who are also funding 12 per cent of the costs.

They will include long-lasting items such as mince pies, coffee, sugar, Christmas puddings and tinned food.

Mr Moore said: “This particular issue is dear to my heart as it’s the area I grew up in and it is one of the most deprived areas in the whole country.

“Those people who are living in sheltered housing and those going to the Salvation Army, who often don’t have homes, are living in very difficult circumstances and I think that any sign that they have been remembered and not forgotten is going to mean something to them.”

He added: “It’s not a lot that we are giving and it won’t sort out their lives, but at this time of year a lot of people get blue and I think this might be a little boost for them.”

Store manager Richard Chillingsworth said: “We are just delighted to be assisting and helping out in any way we can. It’s about helping our community and it fits in with our ethics.”

Mr Moore said underground magazine Dodgem Logic’s agenda is to give something back to the community and he hopes to continue with the plan in years to come.

He said: “A big part of the magazine is to be able to put back into the community like this and hopefully inspire people in other parts of the country to do the same for areas like Spring Boroughs. There are lots of deprived areas like it in the country.

Dodgem Logic started about a year ago and it’s a locally produced magazine but it also has a global readership. It was an attempt to reintroduce the concept of the underground magazine.

“Back in the ‘60s there used to be underground magazines which would say what they want.

“They were colourful, sexy and fun and often got into trouble with the law.

“In our current climate, which is a lot bleaker, I thought it might be just the kind of thing that we needed and it offers work to talented people in the area.

“I hope the magazine continues to be a success and I can keep helping the community in this way.”