Search for paranormal activity on Halloween ghost hunt at Northampton's Delapre Abbey

Is Delapre Abbey haunted?
Is Delapre Abbey haunted?

If you've ever wanted to find out if Northampton's historic Delapre Abbey is haunted you'll get the chance to this Halloween.

Bump In The Night Paranormal UK is running three nights of ghost hunts from 10pm to 2am on October 29-31, and they hope to find evidence of mysterious goings-on at the 12th-century abbey.

And things bode well according to Bump In The Night's director Steve Howard, who said he'd already been exposed to the paranormal on previous visits to Delapre.

"We experienced activity during the time we were there," said Steve.

"We heard a whistle coming from an empty room.

"On a hot day like today we walked into a room and it was really cold, something Delapre staff also noticed.

"And we heard footsteps and we went to take a look and found a closed off room.

"We got all that in the short time we were there."

Each night has space for 40 ghost hunters and tickets are priced at £35.

The experience will be hands-on and could even feature a seance.

"It's like what you see on TV only difference is nothing is faked," Steve explained.

"We bring our gadgets and equipment which customers will be able to use.

"And we'll do a seance with an Ouija board if the abbey staff are happy for us to carry out the experiment."