Schoolgirl stopped from continuing at Northampton holiday club over medical condition

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A schoolgirl from Northampton was stopped from attending a holiday club because of her health condition... despite having already taken part in a day of activities.

Kayla Molloy, 10, from Bellinge, has a heart condition as well as memory and balance problems after bleeds on the brain when she was a toddler.

Although she has one-to-one support in the classroom, she attends a mainstream school where she takes part in all sports.

However, after one day at Lings Forum’s Funzone last Friday, mum Julie was told staff were not prepared to let her take part because of her heart condition, which they say needs one-to-one support.

Mrs Molloy said she strongly disagreed with the reasons given.

She said: “At no point in her life has she needed that level of support outside her learning.

“I handed them a letter from the doctor listing her conditions and I was told it was fine. Now, after giving her a taste of feeling normal like the other children, they’re telling her she’s different.”

Northampton Leisure Trust, which runs all the Trilogy gyms in the town, admitted staff saw the doctor’s letter and that they had let Kayla take part.

But they said Mrs Molloy had not given the same level of medical detail when registering Kayla and staff only realised the nature of her heart condition during last Friday.

A spokeswoman said: “At Funzone we recognise that all children have the right to attend.

“Where a child has additional needs we assess each case individually with the child’s parent or carer.

“Following the child’s first experience of the Funzone playscheme, further discussion will be had with the parent to further determine the child’s individual needs and assess the suitability of the scheme.

“Unfortunately in this particular case we were provided with an incomplete care plan at time of booking.

“Following Kayla’s first experience with us on Friday, our professional opinion is that she requires one-to-one support in a Funzone setting and therefore for Kayla’s health, safety and wellbeing we are unable to accommodate her on the scheme.

“We have provided Ms Molloy with a full refund.”