Schoolgirl from Northampton denied NHS wheelchair despite struggling to walk

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A thirteen-year-old girl needs a new wheelchair to help her cope with her rare bone condition.

Layla-Chase Jones, from Kingsthorpe, has a condition which means that she breaks bones easily and suffers from a lot of bone pain making it, at times, difficult to walk.

However, having recently outgrown her current wheelchair, all the assessments by occupational therapists have ruled that because she can sometimes walk unaided she does not deserve a new one.

Mum Sam said: “We’ve found that your legs need to be basically falling off before you can get a chair from wheelchair services.

“It’s true that she can walk for miles some days but on others she literally can’t get out of bed.”

Layla has recently outgrown her wheelchair and because of her condition needs a specialist one that has an anti-tip bar, cushioning that helps her raised hip and a holder for her crutches so she can remain as independent as possible.

Her last one cost £2,000 and was bought with the help of the Whizz-Kidz charity.

This time, the family need to raise £2,000 themselves (and will put the remaining £500 in out of savings). They are looking for companies who would be interested in sponsoring a wheelchair or anyone who could help towards the cost.

Anyone who can help can email the Alfe’s Cause charity at: