Schoolboy from Northampton appeals for return of birthday rocket

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A six-year-old has appealed for the return of his toy rocket after it was lost following a school science experiment in Northampton.

Jaiden Whitlock is learning about moon landings with classmates at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School and decided to bring in a rocket kit he was given as a birthday present.

However, his pride turned to dismay on the playing fields as his toy shot up into the air as planned, but went so far it left the school grounds.

Jaiden said: “I was happy when I saw it go up. Now I’m a little bit sad.

“It was supposed to last more than one time.”

Because he is so upset, the school has appealed on social media for anyone who finds Jaiden’s rocket to call the school.

Headteacher Marie Lally said: “It went up and came down with a parachute, but it was so far away nobody could tell where it landed.

“It may be in Trinity Avenue or even Kingsley Gardens. If anyone has it, Jaiden would love to get it back so it could go on another mission.

“He didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about it.”