Sailing club earns £10,000 from Sport England to promote dinghy sailing

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A sailing club in Northamptonshire has been given a £10,000 grant from Sport England.

The grant, awarded to Hollowell Sailing Club, to help buy a Wayfarer, a Hartley 12/2 and training equipment to increase the number of places available on courses in dinghy sailing.

The club’s commodore, Nicola Wilkinson, said the grant was great news for the club.

“We were inspired by the Royal Yachting Association’s winter workshops which introduced a ‘Jigsaw’ idea showing how all the activities of our club fit together and help people get involved.”

Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry District, and Lisa White, chairman of the Hollowell Village Pocket Park Committee, visited the club last year and acknowledged the efforts being made by club members to create a healthy lifestyle by writing to Sport England to support the application.

Nicola added: “We aim to attract newcomers to sailing by delivering new courses in 2014 helping people to get out on the water and give it a go. A full programme of informal sailing and competitive racing combined with enjoyable social activities for all ages make all the difference in whether people choose to keep on doing the sport.”

According to the Sport England Active People Survey, 57 per cent of adult residents in the District of Daventry would like to start or do more sport and over 13 per cent of these would like to do an outdoor activity.

A spokesman for the club added: “Hollowell Sailing Club aims to open up more opportunities that will attract new people to the sport showing them how to increase skills and knowledge, become more involved in a beautiful natural setting and build regular activity into their lives.”