Rust bucket 'Big Bertha' and her Northampton team ready for European charity road trip

'Big Bertha' sits waiting on a Northampton driveway. She cost just £350 and has 200,000 miles on the clock. But next month, she is set to take on nine European countries in a charity convoy of over 50 other cars.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 4:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 5:35 pm
Dave Adams, Bruce Wright and Chris Mulcahy along with their very own rust bucket, Big Bertha.

The 20-year-old Mercedes Estate will ride in the Rust Bucket Rally in June - a 2,500 mile trip across Europe in the cheapest cars available in a bid to raise thousands for charity.

Dave Adams, 62, from Kingsthorpe, is embarking on the trip with two neighbours and his younger brother in hopes to get Bertha and the team all the way down to Italy and back again in one piece.

Dave said: "It's going to be good laugh. Although I'm a bit nervous. I do't fancy breaking down on top of the Alps with no signal.

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The team have serviced and decorated the 20-year-old Mercedes Estate ready for her trip around Europe.

"We've christened the car 'Big Bertha'. She's a heavy beast, but we've got her serviced and decorated ready for the trip. She's going to see us through."

The Rust Bucket Rally challenges teams to find a car for under £500 that can carry them on a round trip of Europe.

Dave, his team - made up neighbours Bruce Wright, Chris Mulcahy and younger brother Neil Adams - will set off from Wellingborough on June 7 along with the convoy of 50 other cars.

Over the next four days, they will drive through Grenoble in France, Monaco, Genoa in Italy, Switzerland, Stuttgart in Germany, then back through Belgium, France and onto the ferry on their way back to Northamptonshire.

Dave said: "We're all very excited. We won't take it too seriously. All we want to do is get back in one piece.

"It will be a bit of an adventure. We'll be passing through countries I wouldn't have thought to go otherwise. The route takes in four alpine routes like your see in films. It'll be brilliant."

Dave, the team and Big Bertha will be raising funds with a bucket rattle at Tesco Mereway on Saturday (June 1). For more information on the upcoming trip, visit the team's Justgiving page.