Rupert Bear items sold after Chron story

David, Georgina, Philippa and Anna Jeyes and Lin, Ron and Andy Johnson.
David, Georgina, Philippa and Anna Jeyes and Lin, Ron and Andy Johnson.

A life-time collection of Rupert Bear memorabilia has been bought by a family from Earls Barton after they saw the items had been put up for sale in the Chronicle & Echo.

Last Thursday’s Chron featured Ron and Andy Johnson and their sister, Lin, who have collected Rupert annuals since the 1950s.

They now have more than 300 items of memorabilia, including Rupert egg cups, wallpaper and even a 20-year-old packet of Rupert sweets. The Johnson family wanted to sell their collection to de-clutter their houses and an appeal was made for a buyer in the Chron.

After seeing the newspaper article, Georgina Jeyes, who runs Jeyes of Earls Barton, which includes a children’s toy store and museum, said a room upstairs in the business would be dedicated to displaying the entire Rupert Bear collection.

She said: “It will be a wonderful experience for those who remember Rupert from their childhood with affection and open the doors to a new generation.”

The collection of Rupert the Bear memorabilia was valued 10 years ago at more than £2,000 and Georgina Jeyes said the two families had agreed a “very fair” price between them.

Philippa Jeyes said the Rupert Bear collection would complement their existing items related to Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh.

The Jeyes family will be holding a special open day of the Rupert collection before Easter.