Rules on car boot sales that protect Northampton Market Square may be relaxed

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A charity car boot sale in Northampton is asking for restrictions to be relaxed so that the events can take place more often.

At the moment, very specific rules exist to regulate car boot sales including that all events within 6.6 miles of Northampton market Square need to have a permit from the borough council.

But Duston Mill Charity Car Boot Sale has asked that another rule - which means they can only take place every two weeks and a maximum of 12 events per year - is changed.

Bill Edwards, a licensing officer, said: “The most relevant reason affecting licence holders put forward to change the current policy is that the regular appearance of the German Market is in direct Breach of the Council’s Car Boot policy,

“I can also attest that in recent years there has been an increasing concern voiced by other car boot sale licence holders about the number of events that have to be postponed or become a washout due to inclement weather.

“Often they would like to rearrange for the following day or weekend but at present this is not possible under the existing policy.”

Any decision should be a policy decision affecting all car boot sales and not just Duston Mill.

Removing the limit of 12 events per year will not mean car boot sales will be held every weekend as other rules restrict temporary markets on any land to 14 days per year.