RSPCA Northamptonshire branch is at “crisis point” with number of dogs in its care

Bean and Dotty two young Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Bean and Dotty two young Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The RSPCA Northamptonshire branch says it is at “crisis point” as it struggles to cope with the numbers of dogs coming in to its care.

The branch started taking on the care of dogs two years ago, but now it is struggling to cope with higher than expected numbers and the subsequent vet and food bills and boarding costs.

Chloe a four-year-old Bull Mastiff

Chloe a four-year-old Bull Mastiff

The branch has five spaces for dogs at a private local boarding kennel – but it has 24 dogs in its care. It means the additional dogs are either being fostered, while others are in other private boarding facilities.

Branch Manager Jacqui Kelly said: “We are completely struggling at the moment – we have so many more dogs in our care than normal and we are aware of more dogs due to come into our care with urgent welfare concerns and we just don’t have the funding or the space for them.

“We desperately need to find new homes for those currently in our care – then we can free up space to take in the new dogs. It is a constant spiral and we hope the public can help us.

“I know this number of dogs may not sound a lot to some people, but we are a small branch with limited facilities and we really are struggling, our costs are increasing every day and we need help.

“All the dogs in our care are fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, treated for fleas and wormed and some have received extensive vet treatment as well.

“I understand local rescue centres are also having the same problems with rehoming - it just seems that everywhere is full and overflowing in Northamptonshire.”

The RSPCA is holding a rehoming event on Saturday, March 29 at House of Canine in Creaton Road, Brixworth from 12pm until 3pm – where the public will have a chance to meet some of the dogs in their care who need new homes.

Among the dogs looking for new homes at the branch is four-year-old Chloe, a bull mastiff, who was signed over into RSPCA care as a welfare case. She had a severe, untreated skin allergy and after regular bathing and medication, she is now on the road to recovery.

There is also Bean and Dotty - two young female Staffies who were abandoned in a box in a local park. Both came in malnourished, with ocular, respiratory and skin infections.

And Kizzy, a nine-year old German shepherd dog, who was signed over to the RSPCA and was underweight, had severe flea allergy dermatitis and had to have blood tests and investigations for multiple skin masses.

For all adoption enquiries - contact Helen, adoption co-ordinator on 07840 926122 or email or visit the branch Facebook page.