Road resurfaced around vehicles parked inconsiderately by residents in a Northampton street

Work woes: One of the gaps left in Marriott Street after workers resurfaced the road  around  cars.
Work woes: One of the gaps left in Marriott Street after workers resurfaced the road around cars.

A highways contractor has blamed inconsiderate parking by residents in Northampton for numerous car-shaped gaps after recent road resurfacing work.

Contractors Kier Surface Treatments began repair works along several pothole-riddled streets off the Barrack Road in Semilong on June 3.

But they have finished the job, on behalf of the county council, this week leaving numerous car-shaped gaps in the asphalt surface, because drivers had not heeded warnings asking them to move vehicles during the work period.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Letters were posted through the doors of every house 10 days before the work was due to start.

“Signage also appeared in the streets 10 days before and two days before another letter drop was carried out.

“Workers even knocked on doors of some houses.

“The decision was taken to resurface around the vehicles as the vehicle owners had not responded.

“It will be necessary to carry out remedial work to fill in the gaps, which will be carried out at no added expense to the taxpayer. This will be carried out later in the summer but a firm date has not yet been set.”

The signs posted around the streets had threatened to tow away any car left while the work was being carried out, though no cars were.

Borough councillor Les Marriott (Lab, Semilong) said it was ‘disappointing’ as the roads – including Marriott Street and Gordon Street – were in desperate need of resurfacing.

He said: “I don’t know why they didn’t ticket the parked cars telling them to move on.”

One resident in Marriott Street said many of the cars left were owned by people in Barrack Road and the owners would not have received warning letters: “If they are going to come and carry out work they should finish it really. It does look bad.”