Road crackdown snares 33 people in Northampton

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Thirty-three people were found to be breaking the law in Northampton on Saturday as traffic police targeted drivers using their mobile phones and not wearing a seatbelt.

Officers from the Operations Tactical Unit, together with officers from the Special Constabulary and trainee police officers, carried out the coordinated operations in Towcester Road, Northampton, and Midland Road, Wellingborough, on Saturday.

In total, 75 people were found to be flouting the law.

Fifty of the offences were in relation to people not wearing seatbelts, 44 of which were the driver, six of which were the passenger.

In Northampton, 14 drivers and three passengers were found without a seatbelt, while seven were using their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Five were booked for not being fully in control of their vehicle, one person had no insurance and one had an illegal tyre.

PC David Lee from the Operations Tactical Unit, was involved in the operation, he said: “Operation Motor is a great example of different units within the Force coming together.

“Two thirds of the offences we found as part of the operation were people not wearing a seatbelt – something which is simple and easy to do and could make the difference between life and death.

“There is no excuse for not wearing a seatbelt unfortunately we found that not everyone takes the responsibility of wearing a seatbelt seriously.

“During the course of the operations we also found 11 people using their mobile phones, as well as five people who were not in proper control of their vehicle.”

The operation again targeted the force’s Fatal Four campaign, to combat speeding, mobile phone usage, not wearing a seatbelt and drink driving.

PC Lee added: “Motorists need to understand the dangers of committing these offences and the consequences they may have, not only to themselves, but their passengers and other road users.

“We see too many serious injury and fatal road traffic collisions in Northamptonshire and simple steps like putting your seatbelt on and switching your mobile phone off when you switch your engine on, can make a difference.

“Motorists also have the responsibility of making sure their vehicle is roadworthy, has a valid MOT, road tax and insurance, something some motorists we stopped on Saturday had not.”