Rival gangs videoed fighting with 'knives, machete and baseball bat' in Northampton

Video footage has emerged of two gangs beating each other outside a University of Northampton halls of residence.

The video clip, showing the streets outside St John's Hall of Residence, was forwarded to the Chron by students who wanted to raise the issue of their safety.

The two gangs fought in St John's Street, outside St John's Hall of Residence

The two gangs fought in St John's Street, outside St John's Hall of Residence

Two groups of young men can be seen squaring off then one is struck with a baseball bat.

It is understood one group was protecting a teenage girl who the other group confronted just prior to the assault.

Although police cars can be seen arriving at the scene on blue lights, none of those involved were caught.

The student who supplied the footage said: "This sort of thing happens all the time. It makes us really scared. We're intimidated. You don't feel safe walking from the town centre.

"[On this occasion] we could see the flashes from knives and a machete."

As a result of the altercation, on October 3 this year, a temporary ban was placed on visitors to St John's halls.

A student said: "The ban was in no way fair to people not involved. When you've just seen something like that, you want your friends and family around you.

"A ban is not good for people with mental health problems."

Police confirmed they were called to the incident but that the group dispersed before officers could intervene.

However, the St John's security staff were informed.

The university declined to comment.