Risk of gas explosion after blaze at Red Hot World Buffet in Northampton

The risk of a gas explosion is stopping firefighters from fully putting out the blaze at Red Hot World Buffet in Northampton.

Group manager from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, Ian O’Donovan, said this morning work was being carried out to switch off the gas supply to the restaurant.

Scene at Red Hot World Buffet this morning

Scene at Red Hot World Buffet this morning

Mr O’Donovan said: “We are currently dampening down the fire.

“There is a ruptured gas main in the building. Once the gas has been isolated we will be able to extinguish the fire safely.

“If we try to extinguish the fire now before the gas has been turned off there is a danger we could create an explosive gas cloud.”

The roundabout next to the restaurant at the top of Weedon Road was closed to traffic but reopened at 12.30pm.

The cause of the fire remains unknown but eye-witnesses have reported that the blaze appeared to start in the roof area of the restaurant.

At the height of the fire, which started at about 11pm, eight fire crews and 60 firefighters were at the scene.

A spokesman for Red Hot World Buffet said no customers were present at the time of the fire and all members of staff were safely evacuated.